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God Help the Troubadour: The Eternal Voice of Phil Ochs

Apr 10, 2021

While God Help The Troubadour's regular episodes are on hiatus, we will periodically be releasing bonus content. We've decided to call these "Legacy" episodes, as they will focus on the enduring impact that Phil Ochs has had on those who knew him, on his fans, and on folk music as a whole.

In this installment, we had the pleasure of interviewing Sonny Ochs, Phil's older sister. Topics include Phil's early life, his family, his later years, artists who carry on his musical spirit, and why his story still connects to young people today.

Below is a list of the artists Sonny mentioned during the episode - we highly recommend you check them out.

  • Martyn Joseph
  • SONiA disappear fear
  • Pat Wictor
  • Kim & Reggie Harris
  • Tony Rice
  • John Flynn
  • Greg Greenway
  • Pat Humphreys
  • Tom Prasada-Rao
  • Ellis Paul
  • Colleen Kattau
  • Tom Paxton
  • Holly Near
  • Roy Zimmerman
  • Joe Jencks